Acting Out! - But what else is new?

I was fortunate enough to play a part in Acting Out: The web series episode two. I got to play the part of sleazy Hollywood agent. I had a blast working with these incredibly funny performers who made sure I was always a second away from breaking. Acting Out is a web series about a group of starving artists taking an acting class taught by a washed up child star fulfilling his parole. What could possibly go wrong? Check it out! Or episode one first if you are smart.

More and More Killers

In the past few weeks I have filmed for two different crime reenactment shows ‘Dead of Winter’ and Deadliest Decade’s new season. Both episodes will air on Investigation Discovery sometime this winter so stay tuned for more creeps!


I Killed Batman Closes

I Killed Batman closed on the 24th of June. I had a fantastic time working with this brilliant bunch of hard working performers and getting to flex my stage combat muscles again. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to see our show!

Costumes: Emily Kautzer Lighting: Allison Newcombie

Costumes: Emily Kautzer Lighting: Allison Newcombie

Costumes: Emily Kautzer Lighting: Allison Newcombie

Costumes: Emily Kautzer Lighting: Allison Newcombie

I Killed Batman! New York Production

Happy to announce I will be a part of the cast of "I Killed Batman". A story of a young man, Chuck, who dons the suit of the caped crusader after accidentally causing Batman's death. What could possibly go wrong?.... The show will go up at the Access Theatre in June of 2018. If you like fight heavy plays you are in for a treat. More info can be found at Uncanny Productions FB page. Don't miss it!




Camp GetRight

The first half of season one for 'Camp GetRight' has been completed. I would like to thank all the hard working cast and crew who poured themselves into this project. It's these kinds of dedicated people that make all the long hours and difficulties worth it. More information will come when I can announce the release of the episodes. If you would like to donate to help produce the rest of season one and season two. (We can all dream can't we?) Please consider checking out the indiegogo page for the project.


Camp GetRight!

I am happy to announce I will be part of a new web series Camp GetRight. The director/producers have recieved a grant to fund the project but they have additional costs that need to be covered. They have set up an indiegogo in the hopes to raise the addition funds. If you choose to donate thank you for helping send a bunch of actors pretending to be teenagers to therapy camp.

Professional Instagram

I now have a new professional Instagram. No breakfast photos, just updates on acting projects and what is going on in my career.

 Instagram: @alec.patchin

Check out Keith Barraclough Photography. He was fantastic to work with and the images turned out great!

Photo Credit to Keith Barraclough 

Photo Credit to Keith Barraclough